对于 Padagogy轮5.0感兴趣的朋友,可以点击这里下载安卓版的和苹果版(点击下载)的轮图。



对于 Padagogy轮5.0感兴趣的朋友,可以点击这里下载安卓版的和苹果版(点击下载)的轮图。


Padagogy Wheel V5 Teaching Strategy

The Padagogy wheel is a wheel model that helps teachers and students use their mobile devices to teach. The model consists of five parts, from inside to outside are: core literacy, motivation, education design (including behavioral verbs and teaching activities), App, technical functions.

These five parts are like five gear interlocking. Teachers are advised to consider in order:

1. Students what core qualifications?

2. How to stimulate students’ learning motivation?

3. How to implement the core literacy and ability? That is, what are the goals in the education goal category? What are these behavioral verbs to describe these goals? Which teaching activities to achieve?

4. Based on what App to teach?

5 technology in the teaching process to play what function?

For example, in the first grade of junior high school, the teaching design with the theme of “The Mystery of Plant Leaves” can be prepared according to the following process: Step one, select the core qualities to be trained: the spirit of science. The second step is to develop a plan to increase motivation: It suggests that leaves of different shapes may be related to latitude and humidity to stimulate students’ desire for spontaneous exploration. The third step is to determine the teaching objectives and activities of this course: to cultivate the ability of “differentiation” in the analysis level and the ability of “creation” at the level of creation, and carry out two activities such as “investigation” and “video creation”. The fourth step is to design information technology-based teaching: Ask each group of students to use the “form” App to shoot and identify the names of the six plants and retrieve the origin and habit of the plants. Then use the “Baidu Maps” App to compare various Latitude and humidity of the plant’s origin; and finally, use the “little shadow” App to capture group findings and conclusions and share it with the entire class. Fifth, reflect on the role that technology plays: In this teaching activity, technical support students explore science, create and publish digital work to share their findings, something that no-technology classroom can not do.

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