ICOIE 2024 Pre-conference Seminar

Title: Dialoguing and Collaborating with Generational AI: Strategies for Teachers and Educators


In the rapidly evolving landscape of educational technology, the emergence of Generational AI (Gen AI) presents unprecedented opportunities and challenges for K-12 teachers and educators . This presentation aims to provide an academic and practical exploration of effective dialogue and collaboration with Gen AI, offering a comprehensive framework for integrating these advanced tools into teaching and learning.

The session will be structured into two main parts, followed by an interactive Q&A segment. Firstly, we will examine the art of dialogue with Gen AI using a four-phase methodological approach, supported by real-world cases. This section will try to equip attendees with practical skills to effectively communicate with AI systems and extract valuable insights.

Secondly, we will delve into a proposed framework for human-Gen AI collaboration, highlighting the symbiotic relationship between human and AI in enhancing the learning experience. This framework will serve as a blueprint for teachers and researchers to innovate and adapt to the new paradigm of AI-augmented education.

The presentation will conclude with an open forum for questions and feedback, providing a platform for deeper engagement with the audience.

Keywords: Generational AI, Dialogue with AI, Human-AI Collaboration, K-12 Education, Educational Technology, AI Integration Strategies

ICOIE 2024: https://www.hkmu.edu.hk/sol/2024/05/01/2024-icoie-pre-conference-seminar/

Speaker: http://www.jiaojianli.com/johnnie