Google CEO埃瑞克.施密特提出的五个问题


Google CEO埃瑞克.施密特(Eric Schmidt)

         《连线》杂志(Wired Magazine)2007年第5期刊登了 Google CEO埃瑞克.施密特(Eric Schmidt)2007429日的访谈录(Collaboration in schools: More reasons we need it)。在这个访谈的结束部分,埃瑞克.施密特谈到学校2.0时,他提出了五个问题,值得我们教育工作者深思:


         2. 我们如何为教师提供更多时间,以便他们获得持续的职业发展培训,在技术的创新应用中彼此相互支持来以改善学习,建立全球关系?

         3. 我们如何努力在自己的学校培养具有创造力、创新能力和扁平世界思维的教育文化?

         4. 你自己在公立学校上学的孩子或孙子孙女,这个月里有多少个基于项目的学习挑战和机遇?这个学年呢?(想想Eric Schmidt在这个情境中说过的关于小团队“动作快”的话。)

         5. 谁是我们社区的这样的教育领袖?他/她积极推动我们学校内外无处不在的学习的全球化合作的远景。这样的远景如何成为学校日常“办学”的清晰明确的内容呢?

         1.How are our schools encouraging students and teachers to regularly collaborate with other learners around the globe every week of the school year? 

         2.How are we providing more time for our teachers to obtain continuing professional development training and support each other in the innovative uses of technologies to improve learning and make global connections?  

         3.How are we seeking to foster educational cultures of creativity, innovation, and flat-world thinking in our schools? 

         4.How many project-based learning challenges and opportunities did your own children or grandchildren in our public schools have this month? This school year? (Think of Eric Schmidt’s words about small groups “moving fast” in this context.)  

         5.Who are the educational leaders in our community who are advancing a vision of ubiquitous global collaboration for learning inside and outside of our schools? How can this vision become a transparent part of how we “do school” every day?