前天随Ola 去拜访他的同事 Ulf 和他的那些朋友的时候,其中参加他们会议的一个厂商顺手递给我和Ola两张门票。我顺手装在了口袋里,今天拿出来,在网络上一查,嗨,这还真是一个不错的地方。

         这个地方叫 Technichus。从字面猜,应该是个什么科技室之类的地方吧。再后来,发现了 FourEyesUp 这个网站,一个旅途中开眼的好地方。在其介绍中,有这样一段文字。

         FourEyesUp is a travel site dedicated to those who like to learn whilst they’re on the road. Our mission is to showcase the world’s best science and technology locations to make it easy for travellers to find something of interest to them, wherever they go in the world.

         The site also holds a database of ratings and reviews for each location, making it easy for users to plan trips or itineraries with the help of others.



         The Register – “ideal for people who judge a holiday by the amount they learned along the way”

         Tnooz – “Technology geeks encouraged to brave the outside world with new travel guide”

         DownloadSquad – “FourEyesUp has become one of my primary travel planning resources”

         Lifehacker – “a great resource for geeky travel destinations”

         TechCrunch – “a Lonely Planet guide for nerds”

         BBC Fast Track – “all about the geek getaway”