First Time to Watch Hockey Match

It’s a really exciting day today.

This morning, I got up a little bit late. Having finished my breakfast, I took the bus to the Umea Campus first time since I have been here. I got off at the right stop I think, Universitet. It’s  quite easy and near to campus.

The campus view is quite different with it was, espcially in nice season. the Northern Light Sculpture is still standing there but the lake is totally covered by so heavy snow as to not be recognized as a beautiful lake.

Through the back of the university library flows a small river, along the banks of which stand a lot of birch trees.It must be a wonderful place to walk and chat.

I steped into the Library and went left, the special area for PhD candidates, who will take part in his/her dissertation defence in future, to show their dissertation  in order to collect feedbacks and suggestion for his/her works, research and thesis. It is absolutely fresh not only for me but also for faculty and graduates from China.

Anders told me that, having finished his or her dissertation, passed final examination, PhD students take one printed copy of his/her dissertation, put it on the top of the birch tree stump,  nail through the copy with a hammer, and finally hang it up there with a nail for others to review and comment. I guess the reason that birch tree stump used is that the umea city has been regarded as a city of brich tree, actully there is only 1700 brich trees here. The nail maybe represents that the Phd Candidates are warmly welcomed review, comments, suggestions, even criticised.

Step further, kinds of book shelves, books everywhere, and there are a lot of sofa, chair, tables and the here and there, some students are studying there. I moved toward Pedagogy Section, and a few books related to teachers professional development,virtual Learning, as well as technology enhanced learning were attracted me, I chose 4 copies, got a hamburger from the second floor as lunch, rushed into my office to enjoy the nice weekend.

Anders’ e-mail appeared in my screen when I checked out my e-mail box as usual. He told me there was a ice hockey match at 15:00 and  he invited me to watch it together. I feel excited and I’d like to enjoy it with him. So we contact via e-mail, dated at specific time, and then Anders and his eldest son Noe picked me up at the outside of the entrance of the Behaviour Science Buliding.

(from Homepage of Umea Arena)

We arrived there on time. The ticket is quite reasonable for 3 persons (a family tickets). We got a nice place (5th Row, Seats are 7, 8, and 9) in Section L,  respectively.

There weren’t too many people since the other team wasn’t very good (the final score was 4-2 for Umea).  I really enjoyed the experience. It is amazing to see people skating so fast on the ice at the same time that control the punck and attack and defence even too close body contact, The music is wonderful audience and fans applause with the rythem of music.

Acutally I have no idea what to watch or how to watch this kind of game. I focus on the player with the puck. Ice Hockey is a game of skill, finesse and speed, it was regarded as Real Man’s Game. The good players make it look extremely easy. But I know I even can not stand (grovel on the ice I guess), Truthfully many hours go into practicing drills, plays, keeping balance and skating skills,even mental preparation. 

Players looked like more angry in the second period, the crashes and fights between players increased more, audiance and fans were warmed up. As a totally freshman, I even do not know rules, the interesting thing I observed is that,  two teams changed players so quick and so frequently, the bunck slip fast and sometimes you did not know where it was. 

3 periods later, a team wined and another losed, which team win? I am not sure, But the only thing I can sure is that I win, I win an exciting and memorable experience in my life.

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